Phil Stockton

Director & Financial Planner

Phil Stockton

Director & Financial Planner

At work

Phil has worked as a Financial Planner for 25 years. His career began at NatWest and RBS before he moved to live and work in Hong Kong for Private Capital. After 16 years offshore, Phil is now based in the UK since moving back in 2017 to set up Private Capital (UK) Ltd.

Phil’s area of expertise is evidence-based investing and goal-based financial planning. He does extensive work with expats who are returning to the UK. Phil is a Responsible Officer (Ce Ref. AGO028) for our Type 4 and 9 Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) licenses, and FCA CF30 Approved in the UK (Ref. PXS10197) for Private Capital (UK) Ltd.

The long-term relationships Phil forms with his clients and their families are his favourite part of his role; some date back more than 20 years. He enjoys talking to people about their lives and helping them plan to meet their goals.

At home

Phil has been married for 19 years. He has two young boys, aged ten and seven.

He loves spending time with his family, as well as running, birdwatching, reading and enjoying the great outdoors. Phil also volunteers in his local community.



  • Dip PFS
  • Chartered MCSI
  • Spotlight questions

    Where can we find you on an ideal weekend?

    With my family, enjoying the British outdoors.

    What makes you laugh?

    My wife and kids and too many other things to mention.

    What’s your favourite holiday destination?

    Anywhere in the British countryside.

    Who would you most like to have round for dinner?

    Family and friends are just fine, thanks.

    What’s your favourite song to sing along to in the car?

    I rarely get a choice; the kids dominate the car music.

    What was the first album you ever bought?

    Madness, One Step Beyond…

    What’s your pet peeve?

    Crème brulees that haven’t been messed around with.

    If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you win gold for?

    Double Gold: Tea drinking and biscuit dunking.

    When the dessert menu arrives, what are you looking for?

    A traditional crème brulee that hasn’t been messed around with by an overly enthusiastic cook.

    What’s the one thing you’d like to do before you die?

    See my kids grow into happy and healthy adults and to meet their soulmate.